Who Am I

Hello!  I am beyond thrilled to have you visit my blog!  I hope that while you are here you’ll gain a few tools that will help you UNLOCK DREAMS that you may have…and not wait until ‘the right time’ to make things happen…. after all, when is the ‘right time’ and/or does it ever come around?

As a little girl growing up on the East side of Oklahoma City (SHOUT OUT TO THE O, My peeps) who first moved to Texas because I couldn’t find a decent job in Oklahoma… let me tell you, I never thought one day I’d travel to places like Europe and Asia or go on Transatlantic Cruises.  Actually, I dreamed about it all the time, but didn’t think those dreams would become reality. Never thought I’d finally commit to some personal goals like this blog, living a healthier lifestyle or even begin to dream with my eyes open.

BUT here I am and YES! I did. 

My GOAL picture:  Working my way back to you girl….

When posed with the question, Who Are You? Most of us begin to describe ourselves by the roles we have (mother-teacher-counselor) status (single, widow) hobbies (traveler, foodie, music lover) etc. and If you are like me, we have a tendency to put ourselves LAST while taking care of everything and everyone else.  It’s TIME. Time for a change! AND if you feel the same way, then this blog is for YOU TOO!  I started this travel/lifestyle blog to not only help myself change, but to help others stop just dreaming, but actually plan and implement their own designs for their lives. I hope this blog encourages you to UNLOCK DREAMS!  Don’t be nervous… we can do this together.