Living the PLUSH life.

Again… I am not trying to tell my age at all, but do you remember the show Ally McBeal? There were two characters: Ally and John Cage, two attorney’s on the show that had theme songs they played in their heads in order to get pumped up to do something out of their norm or when they had to go and fight a huge court case. Continue reading “Living the PLUSH life.”

Save Money? Is That Possible? A How To.

I am sure that you have seen the “I paid off blankity blank amount of money in 18 months” or “How to save $100 each month”… Well, I guess I am joining the bandwagon as I want to help you DELETE an EXCUSE that may stop you from UNLOCKing your DREAMS.  MONEY can always be an ISSUE. Yes. I did say that!  I just want you to see that I am and have been transparent with you. I know what it is like to pinch pennies and I know what it is like to have dreams and just not be so sure how to make it happen because of other priorities. But the key word, I want you to focus on is PRIORITY. Continue reading “Save Money? Is That Possible? A How To.”