How to Travel like a Rock-star– Making Little Money

First of all, I want you to know that I am a single parent that works in the education field.  I am not a high paid corporate employee, but I have been bit by the travel bug and have learned how to travel on my salary. I love to travel….Not flying so much, but I do enjoy exploring the WORLD.  In fact, I have been to the Netherlands twice within the last 7 months. I went in November and only stayed a day or so exploring and the COLD air came in so FAST that….. WE WERE NOT READY!!!  So when I saw an opportunity to go back, I jumped at it and WENT…. AND just got back 2 weeks ago. 

How in the world can an educator, who happens to be a single mother–travel, like I do? No, I do not have a side hustle that brings in extra income in order to travel nor any additional income other than from work. What I do have is patience and a few go to websites and apps that help to make it all possible.

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Travelling PLUSH: How to Get Started

As you may guess, I am all about travel and if travel is a DREAM you want to UNLOCK then let’s get started.

Tips to Travel PLUSH (Plus Size~Phenomenally Phine and Thick)


*Thinking Nike had a good idea with that!

Don’t sit on the fence and let negative thoughts stop you from pursuing any of your dreams. Yes, I realize that it may be easier said than done, but it CAN be done IF you CHOSE to make it happen.

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Flying Somewhere? Need a Few Travel Hacks?

Ever come back from a trip and think, “I need a vacation for that vacation?” Yeah, uh huh. I know that I am not the only one and don’t you dare say, you’re getting old lady because I know we’ve all been there at one point or another. Travelling, albeit brings wonderful memories and stories to share with others, can be frustrating and down right exhausting. And as much as I’d like to say that I have a few tricks to take that all away… I can’t!     BUT  I do have a few little tricks for smooth sailing…cough cough…freelaxing flying (lol)… Continue reading “Flying Somewhere? Need a Few Travel Hacks?”

Not Another Hotel-Stay In A Yotel

 Yotel… lady….. hooooo


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Are you asking yourself, what is a Yotel?

Alright.  You must be shaking your head at this point wondering what in the world a Yotel is.  Well, guess what?  I had NEVER heard of of a Yotel either!  I found out about it by watching an episode of Better Late than Ever with George Foreman, The Fonz, That Captain from Star Trek and a football player… what’s his name?   Oh, yeah… Terry Bradshaw.  They happened to be exploring unique places in Japan and it sparked my interest…. Could I find an affordably unique place to stay while abroad?  Hummm.   Continue reading “Not Another Hotel-Stay In A Yotel”