Living the PLUSH life.

Again… I am not trying to tell my age at all, but do you remember the show Ally McBeal? There were two characters: Ally and John Cage, two attorney’s on the show that had theme songs they played in their heads in order to get pumped up to do something out of their norm or when they had to go and fight a huge court case. Continue reading “Living the PLUSH life.”

Simple Meals- When You Really Don’t Want to COOK









OK. So like the title suggests, SIMPLE MEALS are good and yummy meals– especially for someone who likes to eat but not cook so much, like me.   BUT since we have to eat, let me show you a few QUICK– SIMPLE– LOW-PRICED meals that will have you asking, “Did I REALLY cook this?”…… Yes. Why, YES, I did!

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