Living the PLUSH life.

Again… I am not trying to tell my age at all, but do you remember the show Ally McBeal? There were two characters: Ally and John Cage, two attorney’s on the show that had theme songs they played in their heads in order to get pumped up to do something out of their norm or when they had to go and fight a huge court case. Continue reading “Living the PLUSH life.”

Are YOU Ready to Unlock Your Dreams?

Yes?!    Me Too!

Let’s face it….Sometimes it is easier to take care of everyone…except yourself.  Then one day you wake up and realize that everyone is OK—but you.

Does that sound familiar? Yes? Well, if you want to find out how to step outside of your comfort zone and JOURNEY into realms you’ve only dreamed of before like:

International Travel (Epic EXPLORATIONS)

Enhancing your GLORIOUS self (Lifestyle DREAMING)

 Exploring your CREATIVE side

 Conquering PERSONAL GOALS  and so much more…  



dreaming with your eyes open



Journal- Make Your Creative Mark

Initially, we talked about setting goals and holding yourself accountable by enlisting a non-softee friend and setting dates for reaching your goals at Unlocking The Dream.  One of the easiest and creative ways of doing this is to start a JOURNAL.

Now I don’t know about you, but working on your own personal goals can be as invigorating as working out. Why not get a cute little journal to begin this part of your journey like one would buy a cute little work out outfit to motivate exercising. Let’s get started.

Do not let the idea of writing or using a journal overwhelm you. I know that writing can be hard for many people. Here I am asking you to not only WRITE but to WRITE with the focus of YOU.             What?

Well yes. YOU are IMPORTANT!  You invest your time and energy into so many other things, why not invest a little time and energy on YOU. Continue reading “Journal- Make Your Creative Mark”