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So it is time to get ready for your trip. Have you purchased your tickets?  Have a safe place to keep all of your documents?  Booked your reservations through    #justplaying.   That’s GREAT. You are off to a good start.

*Disclaimer~ This post contains affiliate links. Should you decide to not only click to visit and/or want to purchase items not only do I thank you on behalf of the vendors, but I thank you for possibly helping me out with a bill or two. 

Travel can be daunting sometimes. In fact, I can’t count the times…. well, I could but I won’t, that I planned a trip and then…. didn’t want to go. All I can say is that I haven’t regretted NOT doing something, I’ve found myself, regretting the things that I didn’t do.  The jobs opportunities that I probably should have taken, the few trips I actually cancelled for really no good reason, etc.  So now when I do have an opportunity to travel… I go. But it wasn’t easy at first to find the right things to take or even how to pack when there are sooooooo many additional fees.

I probably shouldn’t admit this for the world to see, but here it goes… I don’t like nor do I suggest your keeping all of your valuables in one place.  I also have a tendency to ‘kinda’ budget for different places that I go. For example, when I went to Orlando for the first time, I knew that I’d be visiting two amusement parks, plus two days of sightseeing, SO I “hid” my park money in one area, sight-seeing in another and actually had a whole other stash just to splurge on Butterbeer.  How did I do it… I have a few little tricks:   I like many pockets on purses. In fact, you will find me sporting a shoulder bag for multiple reasons:   First, I can place it more in front of me for security purposes and easy access. Secondly, it  helps to balance the weight of the bag, so my shoulders don’t ache and lastly, I can  dress it up and down and since I am a smidget top-heavy, I like that cross shoulder bags draw the eyes down….

Click on the photos and you’ll be magically transferred to where I buy a few of my travel accessories: USA, LLC

Verves of Paradise Satchel

I also like this little under seat wheeled carry-on because it has so much space inside and plenty of pockets for easy access when on the plane.

However, if you need something a little bigger than do check out:

because it is similar to the under seat carry-on just upgraded in size. Plus it isn’t so heavy without clothes that you won’t have to worry much about the ‘weight’ restrictions….

Should I share my HIDDEN TREASURES–  Did you know you can ‘buy’ things that have hidden compartments….You know… to pack away things or hide special items…maybe even hide $$?

Ahhhhh, here are a few ideas:





So now that I have some areas to hide/store/even use for budgeting, what about packing.  Another disclaimer, I am not packing size 0 clothes, so my clothing has a bit more yardage and when it’s colder by clothes are bulkier. Now you remember earlier, I mentioned all those dang fees. Yeah. I know you already know that the less you bring on board, the less the fees. So I find myself with 1 carry on and/or 1 backpack.  Honestly, I am not a big fan of the backpack and that is only because it gets HEAVY dragging it around from place to place…..   Few tricks.

    1. Pack another smaller bag into your backpack or carry-on so that you can store the heavier bag in a locker or in the hotel room while you check off your what to do, eat and see list.
    2.  Use Cubes.  Yes, I am so not playing. If you want to read more or see how I pack click How to  Get ALL THAT into a Carry-On  
    3. If you are traveling with someone and they have extra room….hehehe store some things and their bag… LOL.

Here are just a few samples of the different kids of cubes, sizes and styles:

What to pack?   I can’t help it. I love to use one piece over and over.  You know that jean jacket with the patches that you just love to wear because you not only get compliments on the fit, but its a great conversation starter…. well, shoot pair it with a dress, it looks great with maxi dresses… did  I mention it adds a layer to that shorts outfit you like when the sun sets and it gets just a tad bit cooler at night…..  See, get the idea. One item that is a go to for me, are leggings. They go under skirts, work great alone, pair with a tunic, sweater, short dress…. boots, heels or flats…. it is a win win for comfort and style.

And here are a few outfits from Modclothes that look pretty good, come in a variety of sizes and are made for multipairing…. Is that a word?  It is now, if it isn’t already.

Good Enough to Eat A-Line Dress in XL

from: ModCloth

Hepcat Soda Fountain A-Line Dress in Cherry in 1X

Outline of Work Midi Dress in Black in 3X – $64.99
As a professional genealogist, your style is inspired by many eras. Show up to the office tomorrow wearing this black dress, which boasts princess seams, a cute keyhole closure, and drop pockets that’ll make your coworkers swoon! Finished off with white satin piping that’s ’60s-mod and a ’70s-chic midi length, this frock offers flair that every generation will agree is adorable!

And I can’t leave you without a deal for those who shape the minds of young’uns…’

Style is now in session! Teachers get 25% off $100+ purchases at ModCloth

Last but not least… The last shopping item, that you truly need to invest in so that you are comfortable and not in pain during all the walking you may do… SHOES….

I like fitflop because if you are like me and find your feet swelling or aching after standing or walking for a while, then they help alleviate the pain.

lBut I am also a little old school and enjoy K-Swiss too… so if you click the link before you‘ll have a little discount …enjoy.
K-Swiss celebrating 50 years of shoes
Style is now in session! Teachers get 25% off $100+ purchases at ModCloth


I can’t leave without mentioning these last little newfandangled items, that just came across on Facebook.

To keep you warm and make those arms look amazing:

Arm Tights™ are new at SPANX!
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