Travelling PLUSH: How to Get Started

As you may guess, I am all about travel and if travel is a DREAM you want to UNLOCK then let’s get started.

Tips to Travel PLUSH (Plus Size~Phenomenally Phine and Thick)


*Thinking Nike had a good idea with that!

Don’t sit on the fence and let negative thoughts stop you from pursuing any of your dreams. Yes, I realize that it may be easier said than done, but it CAN be done IF you CHOSE to make it happen. USA, LLC

I love this reminder for a classroom wall. Happy productive kids think happy thoughts.:

Yes, if you talk yourself out of it, it will not happen. Repeat this mantra, courtesy of He-Man, “I have the power!”  OK. Really?  Say it with meaning, “I have the power!”.   Believe it!   Don’t let your size stop you. Do you realize how much life you are passing by when you let things stop you from reaching your goals… Unlocking your Dreams?  When you decide not to do things, for whatever reason.. you are giving that excuse POWER. POWER to stop you from accomplishing your goals and living the life you dream of.

How to work pass that…

Start with baby steps.   So maybe your first trip doesn’t involve a plane. Maybe you take a road trip and try that on for size~first.  Get a PLUSH partner in crime to join you. Dream Note: Be careful when selecting a travel buddy, because negative vibes/talk/personalities can really dampen a trip. Contact me— I love to travel :)……

Plan Excursions— do your research–but remember to keep it fun.

OK now what in the world do you mean by excursions?  Get out and EXPLORE.  However, research beforehand. Let me give you an example, if you want to go horseback riding there may be restrictions on size AND height… Or maybe you are adventurous and want to try ziplines. Again, check for restrictions and even clothing requirements, so that you are prepared beforehand.  Join because you may find that there are groups of people with similar interest that can make this an easy transition with a perk—meeting like-minded individuals.

Save a little money

If you click on this link and sign up for ebates, every time you make a purchase you will get a percentage back in a check or paypal.  Try it out, tell me what you think…Ebates Coupons and Cash Back  You can read all about saving money by clicking HERE.

Dress It Up

Yes, you are fierce and beautiful. Showcase that! Don’t hide behind bulky t-shirts or sweats. YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE.  You got this.



Whew, first you should know that I don’t know who is really ever comfortable on planes. I’m tall, so there is never quite enough leg room which means on longer flights, I purchase the bigger seats with extended leg space. I am not going to be too uncomfortable.  But that can be expensive… Yes, it is adding a little more to your travel plans but you can read Ways to Save Money and How to Get Cheap Tickets Abroad to help offset the cost.  I also recommend because this site will let you know where to find the best seats on your flight. For instance, I just (May 22, 2017) got back from a trip to Amsterdam and Brussels and I flew Delta… I was able to use seat guru and found that rows 10-15 had more leg room with row 10 being better (right BEHIND bathroom and it had a TON of space and made the 9-hour flight easy to do!!!) I did pay extra for the extra space but trust me, IT WAS WORTH IT.  I actually found that so far, Delta has more leg room then say Spirit… Which airline have you taken and really enjoyed… Psst so far Etihad has been THE BEST for thus far.  If you have to ask for an extender, don’t fret… ladies there are so many folks that ask that it isn’t a big deal at all!


See I got you covered. I don’t want you to think that I am sending you here and there, but I did write a post on packing and it has several tips for you to use to pack OUR clothes in those CARRY-ON bags.   Dream Note:  When choosing outfits make sure you choose things that you can double and use for multiple outfits. For example, you can pair leggings with a tunic, add to that short summer dress and/or can also wear alone, add a short jacket to the outfit for a night-time stroll to pubs or whatnot or even add a tunic to shorts with that jacket for a whole other outfit… get the point.. You want to pack smarter by mixing and matching to create as many outfits as you can with the least amount of clothes…. and a handy tool for making that happen is PACKING CUBES.  Now here is my little advice on packing and not packing too dang much:  Pack only what you will wear and need.  Don’t pack things you THINK you may need but HAVEN’T used at home… it could be a waste… I also found that 2-3 bottoms and 2-3 tops worked out well and HA if you need to, there are laundries and/or dry cleaning services that are available worldwide.  On my last trip, I was just too through with the tightly packed carry-on bag in which I packed an extra bag for shopping purposes :)… and it really came in handy.


Alright. Here is a list of what I’ve either tried or heard from friends. Ready?

  1. Biker shorts under dresses — just saying… they hold you in, reduce the friction, no worries about wind/traffic on buses etc.  Win. Win.
  2. Deodorant– I have not tried this, but my friend swears by it. She rubs deodorant and says it will hold for hours.
  3. Baby Powder– Not tunic but baby powder
  4. Butt Rash Baby Cream– again, a recommendation…

What works for you?  Share….

Pack a Cute TOWEL/ Handkerchief or FAN

I kid you not. If you have a tendency to ‘glisten’ (that’s perspire for us common folk) than carry one of these.  Tissue can actually leave residue all over your face and it is NOT pretty. But if you carry a cute little fan… you’ll be all Breakfast at TIFFANY’s chic but even a cute little hand towel or handkerchief works just as well because you will be moving–exploring— and a little glisten is okay but a shower of dripping ‘glisten’ is not.

Last note…

If you are prone to swelling legs, ankles or feet invest in 2 things regardless of whether you are doing a road trip are flying. These will help alleviate the swelling, reduce chance of blood clots and ease cramps:  COMPRESSION SOCKS AND A GOOD PAIR OF WALKING SHOES like NIKE which I just bought to help with all those cobble stone streets in Europe– they are NO JOKE… and I am so glad I did because I had Converse (and I love them) but I felt the rocks and slants and whoooo I needed more support. I’ve also heard praises for Classic 88s - 300x250 - Single Shoe K Swiss because the soles are thick and the shoes are comfy.

You may also try FIT FLIPS because they are pretty nice too and have arch support in a flip flop…. Watch out now.


Travel can be daunting at times and that is OK because you are about to make incredible memories and live the life you truly want.  I know at times are inner thoughts can be damaging, cause anxiety and even stop us from trying things. To that, I say … it is time for a change. A change in how we talk to ourselves about ourselves. Just think about this… words are so incredibly powerful. Take for instance the last time someone said something to you either negative or positive and HOW those words impacted your own thoughts and impression of yourself.  Think about times in which something someone said to you or you heard and it resonated with you so much that you were able to recall that comment— now!!!   See how powerful words are?  If you think it… focus on it… negative or positive …. you will begin to internalize and believe your thoughts.  I don’t want you to let negativity stop you from doing anything. It has stopped me and I had to work on perception and negative self-talk… and I did so by changing the channel.  If I get caught up on a thought, I give myself permission to think on it for a minute and then I have to let it go…. Seriously and conscientiously~~ I do this often because I became tired of letting life pass me by. I wanted to be a participant and not a bystander.

I’d love to hear what you would like me to add to the blog. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

~~Dream on!!!!




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