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Alright, I’ve given away some of my tricks for finding cheap tickets abroad and how to get from the US to EUROPE for less than $200 Round Trip and things to know BEFORE Traveling Abroad but what about a few travel tips that you can use whenever?   I got you!

how to ‘hide’ money and valuables


This is a little tip that can be used any time-not just at the beach. Sometimes it is a good idea to stash a little cash as you never know what may happen.  Believe it or not diapers and other unmentionables are good hiding spots too. Now this happened to us on a fluke…. and may be a little bit more than you even thought of doing… But on accident our ‘use only in emergencies’ credit card disappeared and we found it hidden with a sanitary napkin. SMH…truely wouldn’t look there at all :).

so your flip-flop will not cooperate…

Fix a broken Flip Flop with a bread tag or safety pin
Source: Home is Where th Mouse Is

Not so sure about the bread tag… Do we really carry those? Try a safety or bobbie pin as they are just as good!

need room for one more… and no, we can’t touch each other


This is perfect to avoid the “she’s touching me… he’s touching me” turmoil.

when to get the best travel deals

SIDE TIP: Did you know that you get the best airline tickets if you fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?

no more plugs for charging


simple storage 101

You can use an old medicine bottle to store your favorite lotions, hair products, bobby pins etc. in your luggage without the worry of spillage or not meeting security regulations. This is also an easy way to store extra change. No more digging to the bottom of your bag for one more penny.

don’t take the same of selfies….

Self-timed myself frolicking down a path to get this shot. #LifeOfASoloTraveler

You have to visit this as it is delightful and full of personality as well as tons of useful travel information.

looking for a Travel app that can’t be beat?


apple store
This is basically an electronic guidebook… on steroids. You can download info about different countries, regions, or cities to use offline. It has all kinds of great stuff… restaurants, attractions, maps, travel and safety info, phrase books, local time/weather, shopping and even historical facts.  Wait for it…… Wait for it….. IT IS FREE!


Courtesy of Nike…..

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