How I Got Tickets to Europe From Texas for Under $300.


Yes, you read that right.   THIS IS NOT A MISPRINT. In May 2016, I purchased 3 tickets to Amsterdam for $212.44 each. Wait.  I’m not finished.  I also paid an  extra $5 dollars  to protect/insure each ticket~Now THAT is a WIN-WIN situation!  I have to admit that initially, I thought it was a hoax,  but after I got an email reminding me to complete YOUR TRAVEL information for all ticket holders….IT HAD TO BE REAL.             WHAT??!!  
  Let me guide you through my process so you can see HOW I DID IT so that YOU CAN TOO!  

  1. FLEXIBILITY-When you begin your travel hunt, start early.  Yes, you can find great deals that can take place in the next few weeks, right now…but if you are like me and you can’t just up and take off from your 9-5… Then we have to plan ahead.   In fact, right now I am planning a trip for the summer.  It is January and I’ve already started planning.    WHY?   Because I need to find the best days and how far in advance do I need to book my flight in order to find the best deal.  How do you do that?
  2. SIGN UP-You do not need a ton of apps taking up major space on your phone or IPad!!! Are you sure? Yes, you really don’t.  I am currently only signed up for 3.  I like Kayak because you can set up the days you’d like to travel, including weekend deals, plus set the dollar amount of what you are willing to spend on airfare. They in turn will send notifications to your email daily or weekly with no space on IPad taken.  Also take a look at airfarewatchdog which is similar to kayak but differs in the delivery of information or this newly found app skiplagged which finds “hidden city” one-way tickets with a stopover where you get off the plane instead of continuing on to the destination on your ticket—
  3. JOURNEY— Are you able to leave from a variety of hubs?  Sometimes you can find great deals IF you are willing to travel out of different cities. Then you have just opened up the door for many more travel opportunities.   Don’t crack the door- open it and UNLOCK THIS DREAM


Well did you?  Good!!


After all, they need to entice you, the customer, to purchase tickets from them as they are the newbies with no cliental. In fact, the arrival of new airlines may also cause air wars and that means MORE SAVINGS and OPPORTUNITIES for you. Want to see how that works?

Courtesy of WOW AIRLINES.    **update, looks like WOW, a budget airline, has just began to service Chicago, Miami and various locations in California**

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKS— Yes it does!   My goal was to just get to Europe.  I knew that once you were in Europe you could travel cheaper than dirt….  DREAM NOTE:I scored my tickets by liking and following Secret Flying on Facebook.  I was open to traveling from a nearby city and I and my WALLET were ecstatic to spend $212.44 for each ticket to Amsterdam. Amsterdam provided the best discounted round trip fare so I decided to book this trip and ended up spending less that $700 on trains, hotel, air, and even the conversion of USD to Euros.  What???  This entire trip was less than most spend on airfare alone.  Let me show you how I did it: 5 Cities in Italy + Amsterdam for $700.

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