USA to Europe. 10 Days. $600 Per Person. I Did and You Can Too.

How To Travel to Europe for Less

Amsterdam, Naples, Sorrento, Rome, Pisa and Milan. Oh my!

Can you imagine visiting each of those places and spending less than $600 on planes, trains and automobiles?  OK, no automobiles. But Planes, Trains and Hotels. Well you can, if you UNLOCK your DREAMS. In fact, YOU can enjoy TRAVEL without breaking the bank! Let me show you how ….

    1. Hunt for deals online. The plan was to just get to Europe.  I knew that if I could find decent tickets to Europe, I could travel within Europe cheaper than booking tickets from the US to various locations in Europe.  France, Spain, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands were where I focused. I signed up on Kayak and airfarwatchdog to get email notifications. Why them?
      1. Kayak lets you set up email alerts for specific airlines, dates of travel (including weekend deals) and lets you state how much you are willing to spend.
      2. Airfarewatchdog is a bit different in that it will not only send you alerts but it will… (let me show you what I like about it):It will show you WHEN you should book your ticket (10 Days out) and WHAT days to book your flight.  This is a domestic example but it works just the same internationally.
    2. Then I heard about a little thing called error fares.  Error fares are like catching something at the store that a clerk tagged with the wrong price that benefits you–the buyer. Sometimes error fares are caught and airlines cancel and/or refund tickets, but sometimes you find deals and they are honored.  Error fares aren’t that easy to catch, but….. If you google error fares you may luck up and find a few deals. BUT if you are just ‘looking for a great deal” and have a few dates in mind… HERE is my DREAM NOTE– Go to Facebook. Like and follow SECRET FLYING and you will be on a destination to DREAMLAND in no time.  IF you want to find out more tips, tricks and travel news do subscribe to UNLOCKED DREAMS to get email notifications when new post are made.

Now all you have to do is *prey*~~

Call me a lioness…. keeping my eye out for a good deal…


I found a great deal. I had to travel to another city in Texas but it was worth it!!! You can find out all about it by clicking Houston to Amsterdam for $213 ….. and the DREAM was UNLOCKED….



Airport Parking:  65.00 /3= 21.67 a piece ( is a site that offers discounts on all kinds of things from airport parking to car service, as well as, massages, travel gear, etc.)

Hotels: 192.08 per person (most hotels we stayed in (other than Yotel) were less than 67 per night).  You can also find lower prices by staying at Hostels which I wasn’t quite sure about doing until I went to see a few in person.  Hostels can run from 10 to 23 per night with a private bathroom generally costing more than shared accommodations.  Just for fun take a peek….

cool hostels, weird hotels, unique hostels to stay in

Jumbo Stay

Jumbo Stay, located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, is not just a hostel, it’s an exciting place to go on an excursion for the whole family and for aviation enthusiasts. If you book the room in the picture you can sleep where the pilots once were at the controls of the Queen of the Sky. Imagine that…..

What about Stateside?

Little something EXTRA~~ AKA Lagniappe


India House Hostel is the closest hostel to Jazz Fest, Voodoo Fest, City Park, the Museum and the Cemeteries, all within easy walking distance. We are on the Canal streetcar line, just minutes to the French Quarter. We are also on the Endymion parade route which is the biggest and best parade at Mardi Gras.

Back to the HOTELS—

You have to try a YOTEL at least once in your life…

Source Agoda.Com

Read more at *Yotel lady hoooo Not Another Hotel–Stay In A Yotel. It happened to be the most expensive hotel we stayed at but it was worth the price. Check out the link to see why. If you’d like to book a reservation or check out amazing prices try AGODA to book your stay.

Can’t forget the  Trains: $87.24 per person
But be sure to read Italy: All About The Transpo for more info.

In order to make it to as many locations as possible, we hopped on a flight from Amsterdam to Naples and again from Milan to Amsterdam which cost…

Are you ready?

I’m not sure you can handle this….

but hold on to your seats……

It cost a whopping $37.31 per person.

How did I find that deal? Quite easy actually. Remember earlier, I mentioned that traveling within Europe is cheap.  Well, it really is. Try out: which were small, clean, but um, small!! Not much leg room and they will adhere to all baggage rules. There is also which reminded me of SPIRIT airlines in the states BUT you can carry-on 2 bags (happy dance) and which had great rates on fares. Just so you know, It is not uncommon to get emails advertising flights for 20 Euro, 15 Euro…even 5 Euro but the trick is to stay connected. So, when you plan out (NOT IF, but WHEN YOU PLAN) your trip abroad be sure to sign up for email notifications.  In fact, you can do that right now by subscribing to Unlocked Dreams ~~~~>  look to your right.


So when you add all that up….. You get:

$550.74 per person

Take a look at this for comparison…..



We traveled with THREE people for less that 1/2 of that advertised price—-  DO YOU SEE THE DEAL WE HAD!!!!

Disclaimers: Now I didn’t include gas (we drove to another city) nor credit card charges for converting USD to Euros which wasn’t that much actually. But THINK ABOUT it. We went to Europe from Texas and spent what most people spend to fly ONE WAY for our hotels, planes, trains and opps NO AUTOMOBILES.

Good Shoes = Happy Feet 🙂

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