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Initially, we talked about setting goals and holding yourself accountable by enlisting a non-softee friend and setting dates for reaching your goals at Unlocking The Dream.  One of the easiest and creative ways of doing this is to start a JOURNAL.

Now I don’t know about you, but working on your own personal goals can be as invigorating as working out. Why not get a cute little journal to begin this part of your journey like one would buy a cute little work out outfit to motivate exercising. Let’s get started.

Do not let the idea of writing or using a journal overwhelm you. I know that writing can be hard for many people. Here I am asking you to not only WRITE but to WRITE with the focus of YOU.             What?

Well yes. YOU are IMPORTANT!  You invest your time and energy into so many other things, why not invest a little time and energy on YOU.


Alright. So the EASY way would be to just go to the store and buy a journal. Hummmm. I wonder if we actually MAKE our own journals would we be more driven to write in it?  I actually love to journal. I still have my first journal from when I was around 9. But I know that not all people enjoy it. It can be relaxing and before you know it you will have a completed masterpiece to reflect on, analyze where you’ve been and where you need to go, documentation of all your great accomplishments and a personal piece of you.

Getting started

You will need

Scrap book paper

Writing Paper

Glue sticks or adhesive spray



Let’s start with picking some scrap book paper.  Choose a pretty cover and a solid sheet that you can fold in half and it will  make the size journal you would like.  Once you have folded in half use glue sticks (not glue) to bind the cover together.  For a little extra durability you can take your cover to any teacher supply store and ask them to laminate it for you.  It can be done within minutes and shouldn’t be more than a $1 or so to have this done.  If you’d like to make more than one (perhaps a gift to your accountability partner) do so at the same time to offset the cost :).  Image result for making a journal from a composition bookBe sure that you have also purchased the writing paper for the inside of the journal and be sure that it is a size that can fit within the lovely cover. As you can see from the photo you simply fold the cover over the writing paper and then line with a ‘binding strip’ of paper. The binding strip for decorative purposes can be a complimentary piece of construction paper, additional piece from a different scrap sheet or even cut from a sheet that was chosen as the  ‘inside’ cover.  To bind you just place the “binding strip” over your journal, do a 3 prong hold punch and add brads and whallaa you now have a handmade journal.  IF you want to get a little more savy, just add some of that cool new duct tape (see below) as the binding strip. For more ideas do check out Handmade Journal where I found this amazing idea.

OR MAYBE homemade is asking way too much.

Let’s embellish a simple composition book:

One of the easiest ways to decorate a composition book, is to purchase the new and improved duct tape that comes in a variety of designs and colors.  Figure out what style you’d like to use and place the tape on the cover.   Yes, it will wrap around to the inside cover and that is OK.  All you have to do to hide the tape is cut a scrap sheet or card stock (harder than typing paper but just as smooth) to fit the inside cover and tape with double sided tape or use adhesive spray.  IF you would like you could also use an extra solid color to place along the spine to add a little more flavor.   JOURNALING can be fun and designing your own journal can get those creative juices floating.

Now YOU just have to get started with writing……


our journal masterpieces


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