Are YOU Ready to Unlock Your Dreams?

Yes?!    Me Too!

Let’s face it….Sometimes it is easier to take care of everyone…except yourself.  Then one day you wake up and realize that everyone is OK—but you.

Does that sound familiar? Yes? Well, if you want to find out how to step outside of your comfort zone and JOURNEY into realms you’ve only dreamed of before like:

International Travel (Epic EXPLORATIONS)

Enhancing your GLORIOUS self (Lifestyle DREAMING)

 Exploring your CREATIVE side

 Conquering PERSONAL GOALS  and so much more…  



dreaming with your eyes open



How I Got Tickets to Europe From Texas for Under $300.


Yes, you read that right.   THIS IS NOT A MISPRINT. In May 2016, I purchased 3 tickets to Amsterdam for $212.44 each. Wait.  I’m not finished.  I also paid an  extra $5 dollars  to protect/insure each ticket~Now THAT is a WIN-WIN situation!  I have to admit that initially, I thought it was a hoax,  but after I got an email reminding me to complete YOUR TRAVEL information for all ticket holders….IT HAD TO BE REAL.             WHAT??!!  
  Let me guide you through my process so you can see HOW I DID IT so that YOU CAN TOO!   Continue reading “How I Got Tickets to Europe From Texas for Under $300.”

USA to Europe. 10 Days. $600 Per Person. I Did and You Can Too.

How To Travel to Europe for Less

Amsterdam, Naples, Sorrento, Rome, Pisa and Milan. Oh my!

Can you imagine visiting each of those places and spending less than $600 on planes, trains and automobiles?  OK, no automobiles. But Planes, Trains and Hotels. Well you can, if you UNLOCK your DREAMS. In fact, YOU can enjoy TRAVEL without breaking the bank! Let me show you how …. Continue reading “USA to Europe. 10 Days. $600 Per Person. I Did and You Can Too.”

Unlocking the Dream

Beginning this website is the first step on my own Inner Journey.  I’ve always enjoyed traveling since I was a little girl and hope that I can help others do the same, BUT self-discovery is……


We all have something that we want to make better in our lives or maybe it is something that we want to learn, try, accomplish.  Whatever IT is, IT is something that we may sometimes start with the best intentions and it slowly gets brushed to the back of the list of things to do because let’s face it: LIFE HAPPENS

Whatever your IT is, IT may become more obtainable or placed in a position to shine under the heat of a SPOT LIGHT, if it were a way to make IT ~~ACCOUNTABLE.

Ready for that List?

Yep, I admit it.  I am a list person. There are things that I want to improve and try.  THIS IS NOT A BUCKET LIST as I have no intentions of kicking any bucket of any kind soon (unless it’s that bucket that keeps getting in the way because no one wants to put it back where it belongs) IT is instead a LIST of things to work on for YOURSELF.

So pull out that paper or make your own JOURNAL, get a nice pen and take a few minutes to jot down what you want to do, try, accomplish.  Set a timer 1-2 minutes.  You’ll be surprised at how LONG that actually can be when you are FOCUSING ON YOU and not other things/people/stuff….Don’t think about it. Just write it.

NOW that you’ve done that, go back and highlight what you want to do FIRST.




On this blog you will soon discover content on DATING, RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCES, DIYing, GETTING HEALTHY, EXPLORING outside YOUR COMFORT ZONE, FOOD, etc.


And begin to live as if today was the last day of your life…..After all

change has to begin somewhere.

~The Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

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STEP BY STEP~~~ Simple Way To Plan Your Next Vacation


So you are ready to start planning your vacation?  Or at least start the research, right? Grab your coffee and some candy– chocolate works– and lets get started…This is full of information so get ready to settle in and read….

#1  The DEAL.  There are two ways that we can take with this. One- you can wait for a deal that fits your budget and is doable during the dates offered OR Two- you can determine where you want to go and when you plan to go and this is where you begin the hunt for the deal…. we will look at each of these ‘hunts’ a little later…. but 1st how to chose:

Continue reading “STEP BY STEP~~~ Simple Way To Plan Your Next Vacation”

How to Travel like a Rock-star– Making Little Money

First of all, I want you to know that I am a single parent that works in the education field.  I am not a high paid corporate employee, but I have been bit by the travel bug and have learned how to travel on my salary. I love to travel….Not flying so much, but I do enjoy exploring the WORLD.  In fact, I have been to the Netherlands twice within the last 7 months. I went in November and only stayed a day or so exploring and the COLD air came in so FAST that….. WE WERE NOT READY!!!  So when I saw an opportunity to go back, I jumped at it and WENT…. AND just got back 2 weeks ago. 

How in the world can an educator, who happens to be a single mother–travel, like I do? No, I do not have a side hustle that brings in extra income in order to travel nor any additional income other than from work. What I do have is patience and a few go to websites and apps that help to make it all possible.

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Travelling PLUSH: How to Get Started

As you may guess, I am all about travel and if travel is a DREAM you want to UNLOCK then let’s get started.

Tips to Travel PLUSH (Plus Size~Phenomenally Phine and Thick)


*Thinking Nike had a good idea with that!

Don’t sit on the fence and let negative thoughts stop you from pursuing any of your dreams. Yes, I realize that it may be easier said than done, but it CAN be done IF you CHOSE to make it happen.

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